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The Fed Govt. to engage 3000 youths in the development of the biggest agro-industrial hub in West Africa

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Samuel Prince-Nnaji


The Minister of Agriculture, Chief Audu Ogbeh, recently revealed the proposed plan by the Federal Government to produce the biggest agro-industrial hub in West Africa.

This is a very good project which will not only boost the nations’ ailing economy, but will create massive employment and production of more foods as the country pushes deeper into agricultural diversification.

Project Capital and Duration

The minister disclosed that the massive project will gulp between 10 t0 30 billion and the project will be completed within 3 to 4 years

Project Location

Another commendable part of this project idea is the centralization of the industry location which is in Kwali Area council, Federal capital Territory.

Land us capacity and Employment

The industry will be sitting on a massive land measuring about 15,000 hectares and the project will be engaging 3000 youths this is intended to boost agricultural production.

The minister in his word said that the first phase of the project would focus on improving infrastructures in the area like good road network, construction of lakes and dams. The soil will be tested at this level too; the whole idea of this is to enable farmers to know where to grow what.

To finance the project, the mister has also made it clear that the monies to be used in the development of the agro hub will come from support fund, levies from certain imports and the private sector.

The Agricultural produce to be grown

The agricultural produce to be grown and processed in the farm, to include;

Vegetables for local consumption and exports




Soya beans

Shea butter.

In addition, modern abattoirs would also be established in the farm to aid in the management of livestock.

The minister agriculture Audu Ogbe finally assured that;

“A time is coming when this business of cattle roaming around will stop and we will not allow anybody move life cows.

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