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NERC frowns at Enugu Disco on negligence, Opens 17th Forum Office

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-Anietie Udobit, Abuja

The Acting Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), Dr Anthony Akah, has decried the worrisome safety records of accidents in the Enugu Electricity Distribution Network (EEDC).
In a release made available to Unity Times by NERC, the commission says it has record of about 14 deaths and 5 injuries in 2016 alone, due to negligence in the part of EEDC.
The chairman frowned at EEDC’s violation of its performance agreements, noting its flagrant violation/ disregard of Commission’s directives on mass disconnection of communities as well as high incidences of high estimated billing resulting from inadequate electricity metering of its customers. Amongst these violation was EEDC’s failure to submit inventory data for 2016 to the Commission; hence it was slammed with a fine to the tune of 13 million naira this year.
Commenting further on other service failures by the utility company, Akah said, ‘’ It is on record that within the period of January to September, 2016, Enugu Electricity Distribution Company recorded over 2,466 unresolved electricity complaints from electricity customers who were dissatisfied with services rendered’’.
The Commission in ensuring electricity customers within EEDC’s network have a fast track resolution of their electricity complaints has opened the Owerri Electricity Customer Complaints Forum Office. This makes it the 17th Forum office to be opened. Forum Offices are the second stage in the Commission’s redress making procedures. It handles unresolved complaints from the customers care unit of electricity distribution companies.
Meanwhile the Forum members are appointed among representatives of all customers’ classes including industrial, commercial and residential customers.
Justifying the Commission’s decision to establish more of such forum offices, Akah said, ‘’ This Forum Office is no respecter of class, rights are equal’’ Akah said. He called on electricity customers across the country to desist from taking electricity complaints to court; advising those with electricity issues to approach the Forum when dissatisfied with a Disco’s action.

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