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Be faithful to the end- Apostle Nkume

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Samuel Prince-Nnaji



As the year draws to an end, lots of organisations are taking stocks of their activities and achievements to determine their level of growth level and how to plan for the preceding year . For some it’s a time to appreciate God for all His blessings upon them.

In the light of this, the indigenous people of Mbano local Government Area in Abuja which goes by the name Mbano Believers Association thronged out in style at the Northgate hotel Mararaba Nasarawa state to mark the 2016 end of the year meeting.

The MBA end of the year gathering and celebration was sparked up by the message delivered by the invited guest Apostle Godwin Nkume.

In the theme of the message which was ‘Be Faithful to the end’ the servant of God urged the members of the union to be committed in their Christian race and also try as much as they could to abide in faithfulness for that is the panacea for every difficulties in life.

Apostle Godwin Nkume, guest preacher at the event

Apostle Nkume who also hails from Mbano, a devoted MBA member in Kano state branch told his listeners that the best way to be faithful to God is going back to Jesus Christ.

According to him, marrying the word of God and giving oneself to fervent prayer is key to a faithful relationship with God.

The chairman of the association, Deacon Uche Ibekwe who spoke with UnityTimes at the end of the programme, revealed that the prerequisite for becoming a member of the association is for one to be a ‘Born Again Christian’

“Membership is strictly for believers, born again Christians; a person who hails from Mbano, who believers In the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Though, when you come as an unbeliever, you will become a Christian as you keep hearing the word that we preach.

God’s word will change someone to a better person to enable him serve God in truth and spirit.

According to the chairman, they already have whole lots of plans for next year.

“Like the secretary mentioned earlier, we want to set up the youth wing, we also organize health talks, were we educate our people on what to eat and what not to eat.

Also we do welfare day, here we take care of the less privileged.

Deacon Uche Ibekwe, Chairman MBA Abuja chapter giving a welcome address

We will also have crusade next year, in Mbano land because the core message of this association is to make people to know Jesus and serve Him.

Those are some of the plans we have for next year.

When asked what he has been able to achieve with his position in the union, the chairman who is serving his second four years in office said they’ve been able to acquire a landed property and they intend to commence development of the plot.

“I have served my first four tenure, this is my second. We were able to acquire a land at Kurudu, we also have our instruments for worship.

It’s our intention to start developing our plot, but the major constraint is finance, we are in a rented place at the moment. We are trust God that by next year we will start.

Deacon Ibekwe finally urged the people of Mbano to come and serve God.

“The world is coming to an end, the crises everywhere and recession is a pointer to that. But when you serve God, things will be much better for you. He said.

Elder Hyginus Amaechi, National Chairman, Mbano Believers Association

Elder Hyginus Amaechi, National Chairman of the associate who spoke on the reason why the MBA was established said the union did not break up, but it’s only complementing the other organization which is tied to Mbano as an entity.

“We didn’t break away, it’s just complementary; we have Mbano progressive union, different villages and clans and this is Mbano believers Association.

“In this association, we understand ourselves more, we may not be able to floe well in the other union, but here we have one mind and we think alike.

Though we still acknowledge and respect our brothers in the other side. But this is set aside for born again Christians, there no division

Amaechi who was one of the award recipients said, it was in a bid to inspire him to do more.

“The award is just to inspire me to do more for the association, I see that my efforts is being recognized


He urged the Mbano people to come join the association, for the major purpose for setting up the union was liberate Mbano land.

“Everybody who should belong to this association should come and do so, because, the main reason for it is to liberate our land.

It’s not all about gathering here, but to organize crusades, conduct deliverance programme and let people embrace Christ. That is the basic reason this association was formed.

I will like the to embrace Christ, just as the preacher said today, that we will be faithful to end. He said.

The secretary of the association, Comrade Obinna Nwaka clarified the name which the organization is known for.

“It’s Mbano believers Union by registration while we choose to bear Mbano Believers Association.

Mbano virtuous women presenting their special number

Nwaka who was the former treasurer of the association, is eager to see the MBA on the path of radical transformation. He has been one of the brains behind some of the recent positive changes experienced in the union since he took over the secretary responsibility.

“I used to be the treasurer, but I left the position to become the secretary, it’s not up to six months i emerged secretary of the union.

He also attributed his efforts in the association to God’s involvement.

“It’s not me, I’ll say it’s God, because He gives knowledge.

Since I came in as secretary, I’ve been able to introduce electronic data, a comprehensive attendant list both for adult and children; I’ve also introduced electronic sms to members to remind them of our meeting. Now we have a unified end of the year meeting with the settting up of planning committees.

I thank God for the concept i introduced in the association in these few months I was elected as secretary.

He also spoke on the MBA’s plans to create the youth wing.

Cross section of the MBA members at the end of the year 2016 event

“You know the youths are vulnerable people in the society, so we need to teach them the way of the Lord so that at the end of the day, they will not depart from it.

It is very good for us to take our children along to this meeting; just like the preacher said, “The old pastors were weak and they left, leaving the younger pastors behind” because of their strength, doggedness and resilience to continue the work of God.

The youth will have a time for monthly meetings, so that the places the elders cannot go to, they will represent.

Mrs Obi Nwaka and daughter Ada at the event

There are times when job opportunities do come up, if we don’t know our youth so well, it will be difficult to recommend them for such job.

It’s of essence for the youth to come together so that when the elders are not there, they will carry on. He said.

Comrade Nwaka earlier in his address, appreciates, the virtuous women of the association, for bringing pride to the union.

He also thanked the spiritual fathers of the union; Pastor Emmanuel Achom, Pastor Innocent Onuoha, Pastor Paul A. Pastor Davids Iheanyichukwu, Pastor Paul Nwaebo,

The believers Gospel Mission Nyanya, the National chairman, Elder H. I. Amaechi, Bro kenedy anyaogu, Elder Emma chukwuocha, Elder (rev) Oliver Onye

“God will grant us journey mercies to our respective homes, next year will usher us into a wonderful season. He said.







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