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Niger Delta Avengers to halt hostilities

The Niger Delta Avengers has announced that it will halt its hostilities.
The Avengers have been responsible for a series of attacks in recent months which have damaged the country’s oil output.
The attacks have also been cited as a cause of an uptick in the price of oil.
The group on its website said: “We expect a genuine and positive attitude to restructuring and self-determination for every component unit of Nigeria.”
The militants argue that the people in the Niger Delta are not benefiting from the oil industry.
They were also very critical of President Muhammadu Buhari saying he should “put away the garb of a stooge to the imperialists”.
The statement added that a military solution is not viable: “You cannot apply the might of the state to restore the people’s confidence in your leadership.”
The government has already said that it is talking to militants to try and solve the problem.

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