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Soludo gives Buhari led government blueprints to achieve change in Nigeria

Professor Charles Soludo, was a guest lecturer at Kaduna Progressive Governance lecture series with the theme: “Building the economy and developing inclusive sustainable, an event held on Thursday in Kaduna State.

Though professor Soludo said that he has belief, faith and hope that Nigeria would be great if its leaders do the right things at the event which has the Vice President Yemi Osinbajo in attendance.

But he strongly pointed out a good number of necessary steps the Muhammadu Buhari-led All Progressives Congress (APC) government, must follow in order to take Nigeria to a progressive change. He pointed out;

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Professor Soludo and Vive president Yemi Osinbajo at the discussing event
  1. That APC must stop the blame game and focus on the challenges confronting Nigeria at the moment.
  1. That APC government has not much time left having spent 35 per cent of its working days with no major milestones.
  2. That he wondered if APC has any sustainable agenda at the moment, as a collection of any five APC leaders might just be source of comic relief.
  1. That APC should consider proper devolution of power to the states for the management of their resources.
  1. That APC should come clean with Nigerians, providing a measurable agenda with specific timelines for execution.
  1. That APC should be the change it professes to be, if it must be taken seriously by Nigerians.
  1. That APC must create an agenda for industrialisation and give form and content to change.
  1. That APC must change from a coalition to grab power to a governing team.
  1. That APC must be careful not to repeat the mistake of PDP which ruined itself with opposition from within.
  1. That not providing qualitative education for the poor masses is building a time bomb that will affect everybody sooner or later.
  1. That agriculture might not be a sustainable option for Nigeria’s economy given the disastrous level of poverty and illiteracy in the country.
  1. That there is urgent need to Identify and break ‘dynasties of poverty’ as the surest path to sustainable growth and inclusiveness.
  1. That APC government must not see the oil price collapse as a temporary development with hope for a rebound.
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