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LASU sanctions students over indecent dressing

The Lagos State University authorities (LASU) had issued warning letters to 84 students for indecent dressing and also disqualified a student who was among the candidate who was to contest in the forthcoming student union election.
According to the breakdown analysis, eight among the culprit are final year students,43 in 100level,20 in 200level,and three in 300level.
In the list of students sanctioned, it showed that 24 students are in faculty of Management Science, 18 from faculty of sciences, faculty of Education and Social Sciences were recorded as 11 students each and the faculty of communication has four students.
It was reported that the Students Affair Department (DSA) of LASU gave the letter to the students for going against the dress code of the institution.
‘’The students have been magnanimously pardoned by the university authority and were warned to desist from the act of indecent dressing, henceforth or face disciplinary action”, Centre for Information, Press and Public Relations (CIPPR) statement read.